Friday, August 31, 2012

Indiana Impressions

I just found my keys. For the record, I've been in Indiana since Saturday the 11th, and since Sunday the 12th, I have not been able to find my keys. Under normal circumstances, this would be cause for concern, but I had a spare for my car already, and Karen got a copy of the house key, and I was completely dependent on the bus for transportation anyway.

Anyway, while moving my crusty old captain's chair in from the garage, I found a cat litter bucket of CD's (never mind), and there were my keys. It is Friday the 31st. I don't understand how they got there in the first place, but there you go. Most importantly, they are back where I won't lose them: On my desk with all the miscellany that gathers.

My general impressions of exam week and the first two weeks of school proper could fill a novella, and I tend to be much more wordy when I write as opposed to when I speak, so I'll give a brief rundown here: Exams themselves were about as awful as I imagined they would be. Exams? For an incoming doctoral student? Why, that's just silly, you might say. And I agree with you, but this isn't my game. IU sets the schedule, gives me the facilities, and takes my money, so they're running the show. There were five tests I took in two days: Aural Theory, Written Theory, Music History pre-1750, Music History post-1750, and Sight Singing.

Why 1750? Because that's when Bach died. He was important.  I learned that with my expensive music education.  You're welcome.

To my pleasant surprise, I passed everything except early music history, which, judging by the volume of my peers' wailing/teeth-gnashing, was the norm. I hear early-music majors don't even pass it. I scanned over the results sheets that were posted, and out of 100, the highest score was a mid-70. That guy/girl passed everything. I dislike him/her greatly.

On the plus side, I get another chance in January. If I fail that one, I need to take a review course to punish my ignorance bring me up to speed.

I have pictures and videos and such of the buildings, practice rooms, and my drool-inducing walk through campus every morning, but until I can extract them from my phone, I'll be sticking to words. Boring, I know. But there's a lot to tell.

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