Sunday, September 30, 2012

She's TWO already!

Miriam turned two years old today!

We celebrated with some Pumpkin Spice cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting.  (Amazing, by the way!)

Miriam has an interesting way to eat cupcakes.

Look how much she's grown!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Smithsonian Free Museum Day

Every year, the Smithsonian Institute joins together with museums across the country to offer a free admission day the last Saturday in September.  This year, we went to the Rhythm! Museum in Indianapolis.  It's a hands-on percussion discovery center.  Really, what could possibly go awry with letting 2 preschoolers in a room full of drums?! :-)

They had a sound proofed room with a full drum set.  You could try out what it sounded like in various performance spaces from as small and dead as a practice room to as large and lively as a cathedral.

Miriam had more fun in the larger part of the museum that was filled with examples on the science of sound.

And before we left, Chris and the kids got to participate in an ethnic drum circle!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Miriam can be quite contrary

Chris and I often comment that our kids just think we're daft.  Miriam obviously thinks we have no idea what we're talking about when it comes to naming shapes.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rough Few Weeks

It's been a rough few weeks here in Bloomington.  Chris is getting settled into school, and appears to be enjoying it.  I'm trying to put the house in order, but it's a difficult task with two little ones who undo everything you've just done.

Two weeks ago, that unpacking came to a screeching halt.  I found a spider, larger than any domestic spider I had ever come across, in the house, and sort of freaked out.  I won't hide it.  I'm more than a little afraid of spiders.  And bugs.  And, well, really anything that has more than 4 legs.  Even fruit flies.  So, yes, it's a little bit of an irrational fear.

Anyway, this "giant" spider ended up being fairly harmless.  Harmless as in it won't kill me or put anyone in the hospital (it was a Tan Jumping Spider).  But then, I remembered a spider I had seen a few days before.  I had a little bit of a panic attack when I saw that thing.  It had fangs!  And long legs.  And it was freaking ugly.  It went into the toy room, and I refused to go in there for 2 days.  Chris said I was just imagining things.  But, after this giant spider, we got an exterminator to come, and he found 5 brown recluse nests, 2 of which were inside the house.  So, my fear of spiders has only been increased!

We started making plans to come back to Wisconsin for a visit in order to avoid the spiders until the exterminator could spray.  It just so happened that last week was our nephew's 4th birthday party, so it worked out.  Except then I got sick.  I got so sick that I called my doctor back in Wisconsin (since the kids and I don't have health insurance in Indiana until October 1st), and she said to come back as soon as possible.  The date we were were planning to leave got pushed up, and we scurried to pack and get on the road.

A few days of testing showed that I wasn't dying, nor was I afflicted by anything that could cause my death (as was originally feared and had created the need for a speedy return to WI).  However, there are no exact answers to what is going on.  After the doctor made sure I was stabilized, she said I could return to Indiana under a "wait and see" approach.  When my prescription runs out, I should be normal.  If not, I'm to consider exploratory surgery.

And, to backtrack, the day we urgently left for Wisconsin, we found out that my grandfather had passed away in the night.  The funeral would be held while I waited for the doctor's test results, but Chris would have to return to Indiana both before the funeral and before the doctor got back to me.  My brother and his wife flew in from Hawaii and my cousin came from Georgia.  It was nice to have the whole family together again, even under such sad circumstances.

We're back in Indiana now.  The spiders have been gotten rid of.  A few more boxes are unpacked.  We're exhausted, but managing.  And today, I'm doing a little me-therapy and dyeing some yarn.